Parishes in the Geraldton Diocese
# Article Title Hits
1 Bluff Point 973
2 Carnarvon 982
3 Dongara 908
4 Geraldton 1883
5 Karratha 1245
6 Karratha Parish Council 274
7 Leonora 383
8 Morawa 521
9 Mt Magnet 481
10 Mullewa 572
11 Newman 813
12 Northampton 550
13 Planned Giving Geraldton 124
14 Port Hedland 739
15 South Hedland 798
16 Three Springs 323
17 Tom Price 671


Vision Statement

We are:

* a welcoming community which reaches out to all
* celebrating Christ's presence
* joyfully living out our Christian calling across distance and diversity
This vision states that as a Diocese, we aim to be a welcoming, missionary, centred on Christ, and each striving to live one's particular vocation.
It is in living out our calling that we praise God, follow Christ, influence society and achieve the goal of eternal life won for us by Christ.
In the parishes we have encouraged people to measure whatever they do against this Diocesan vision.
                                                                                                                                                                                 Most Rev. Justin Bianchini, DD

Random Homilies: Year A

Christmas Day - Radiant with Light

Buzzword - Radiant with Light
In the Scriptures chosen for the Christmas Masses, we find many references to "light" - "

5th Sunday in OT - Salt of the earth

Buzzword - Salt of the earth
Are people influenced by example? The answer is "Yes", but, unfortunately, they respond to

30th Sunday in OT - Equality

Buzzword  -  Equality
"All animals are equal! But some are more equal than others", the original words of George Orwe


Random Homilies: Year B

Feast of the Epiphany - Discovery

Buzzword - Discovery
Solving a problem always gives satisfaction and can be exhilarating! The "discovery" of Christ by

7th Sunday in OT - Forgiveness

Buzzword - Forgiveness
"To err is human; to forgive divine!" So wrote Alexander Pope, English poet and essayist (1688 -

3rd Sunday in OT - Conversion

Buzzword - Conversion - To change one's thinking:
The first reading from the Book of Jonah describes two acts of conver


Random Homilies: Year C

18th Sunday in OT - Immortality

Buzzword - Immortality
All religious leaders encourage their followers to face the mystery of death; to deal with the c

20th Sunday in OT - For or Against

Buzzword - "For or Against"
How often have we found ourselves in situations where we have been advised -"You can't sit

6th Sunday in OT - Be Happy

Buzzword - Be Happy
Everyone wants to be happy. Regardless of one's circumstance of life, or social position, or cultur