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Christmas Appeal

2014 Midyear News

altI write my Midyear Newsletter to all who so generously have supported Communio, many of whom have done so year after year. The 2013 Christmas Appeal raised $18,544 and I want to thank you sincerely for your generosity towards this Appeal.

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Vision Statement

We are:

* a welcoming community which reaches out to all
* celebrating Christ's presence
* joyfully living out our Christian calling across distance and diversity
This vision states that as a Diocese, we aim to be a welcoming, missionary, centred on Christ, and each striving to live one's particular vocation.
It is in living out our calling that we praise God, follow Christ, influence society and achieve the goal of eternal life won for us by Christ.
In the parishes we have encouraged people to measure whatever they do against this Diocesan vision.
                                                                                                                                                                                 Most Rev. Justin Bianchini, DD

Random Homilies: Year A

Trinity Sunday - To believe or not to Believe

Buzzword - "To believe or not to Believe"
With apologies to Shakespeare! Science v Faith! Can they coexist? Religion dr

Christmas Day - Radiant with Light

Buzzword - Radiant with Light
In the Scriptures chosen for the Christmas Masses, we find many references to "light" - "

2nd Sunday of Lent - Transformation

Buzzword - Transformation
The point of the Christian exercise is transformation - to find spiritual value in all that w


Random Homilies: Year B

4th Sunday of Advent - New Beginnings

Buzzword - New Beginnings
Today’s liturgy sets the stage for what we have been waiting for - the day of expectatio

5th Sunday of Easter - It's not Fair

Buzzwords - "It's not Fair"!
How often do we use those words to respond to life's situations! As children, we constantl

Feast of the Transfiguration - Highs & Lows

Buzzword - Highs & Lows!
We all have them. Do we always know how to handle them? Are we inclined to get carried away wi


Random Homilies: Year C

26th Sunday in OT - Consequences

Buzzword - Consequences
An important aspect of our Christian response to life is the ability to make responsible judgme

Feast of the Holy Family - Family

Buzzword - Family
"Happy are they who dwell in Your house, O Lord" focuses our thoughts on what the Judaic-Christian tr

16th Sunday in OT - Listen

Buzzword - Listen!
Listen! Evaluate! Decide - classical advice for anyone charged with making decisions; and, in one wa