Directives for Churches and Chapels within the
Catholic Diocese of Geraldton Phase 2 of Western Australia’s COVID Roadmap.
Notice to be placed on Church/Chapel doors and parish websites

From Monday 18 May 2020 in Western Australia:

  • Churches are permitted to open in a modified way with a limit of twenty (20) people present within the Church at any one time for private prayer, Adoration and Confessions.
  • Indoor religious services are permitted with a limit of twenty (20) people in the congregation. An additional ten (10) people who are required to conduct the religious service or to broadcast the service may be present. These additional participants are to be restricted to as few as possible.
  • Priests (or their nominated delegate) must ensure that the name and contact details of every person who enters a church for any reason is recorded as per government directives. Churches must retain these records. No record is to be made of the reason why the person has attended the church.  


  • The celebration of each wedding must adhere to the Phase 2 of the Western Australian Government’s restriction of twenty (20) attendees at indoor weddings, or up to thirty (30) attendees at outdoor weddings.
  • Social distancing of one (1) person per four (4) square metres must be observed.


  • Up to twenty (20) attendees can be present at an indoor funeral or up to thirty (30) attendees for an outdoor funeral, not including the person/s necessary to conduct the service e.g. celebrant, funeral director (unless the funeral is in a small indoor or outdoor venue and impacted by prohibited gathering rules which require at least 4 square metres per person) unless an exemption is approved.
  • Persons who feel unwell, who have flu/respiratory symptoms, elevated body temperatures or who have been in contact with persons suspected to have, or who have been diagnosed with COVID-19, are not permitted to enter churches.
  • Hand sanitizers to be available at each entrance to any church or chapel.

The Western Australian Government’s COVID-19 Roadmap anticipates further relaxations of restrictions in the coming weeks and months with the implementation of Phase 3 and Phase 4.Further special directives have been issued by Bishop Michael Morrissey in relation to Baptisms, Confessions, Masses, Worship and COVID safe practices for churches and chapels. These directives are available online on the Catholic Diocese of Geraldton COVID-19 webpage:

Priests must exercise judgement in deciding whether it is yet practicable to conduct public Masses. In-light of the restricted numbers of attendees under Phase 2 of the WA Government’s COVID-19 Roadmap, it may be necessary for Parish Priests to implement revised weekday and weekend Mass timetables. In parishes where the number of Masses available (both weekday and weekend) may be increased, inevitably, the majority of the faithful will still not be able to attend. The faithful continue to be dispensed of their obligation to attend Sunday Mass. Parishes are encouraged to continue live streaming Masses.