During 2011 the Catholic Church around the English speaking world will introduce some language changes to our Missal. Some Dioceses will introduce these changes at Pentecost, while others will wait till the end of the year when the English Missal is available. Printed material, as well as Powerpoint material, will be provided for these changes to be smoothly implemented.

While there are many changes to the translation of all the prayers and texts, they will mainly involve the celebrant. The congregation will only have some six changes to cope with.

All this is to do with fidelity to the Latin text of the Missal. The Latin text is the base and sometimes the full meaning has been lost in the translation.

These changes have their importance. What is more important, I believe, is our understanding of and love for the Eucharist. This includes our full participation in what we are celebrating as well as our living out that Sunday Mass during the week.

I want to send a message to all the Geraldton Diocese about Sunday Celebrations in the absence of a Priest. However before I do, I want to say a few things about Sunday itself '€“ The Lord'€™s Day.

For centuries and indeed for two millennia we Catholics have been gathering on Sundays and we do it for a variety of reasons.

The main reason is that God calls us to worship Him. He has told us in so many ways '€œRemember that you and everything you have is my gift. I love you with an everlasting love'€. No wonder then we gather to worship, and pray and thank Him, on whom we totally depend.

God also calls us to his table to be fed and nourished. As the king in the Gospel(Mt 22:2-14)called so many people to his wedding feast, God calls us to the banquet of his own Son.

The reason we gather on Sunday, or as we call it the Lord'€™s Day, is that it is the day of Jesus'€™ resurrection. There we meet Jesus, our Risen Lord, ‚‚ in one another, in the Priest, in his Word, and in the Eucharist. At the same time we celebrate and rejoice that Jesus is with us each day of the week. He is with us in fact each moment of the day. Jesus our Risen Lord truly lives within us through his Holy Spirit.