EXMOUTH St Johns (Administered from Carnarvon)
15 Kennedy Street, Exmouth WA 6707
PO Box 207,  Exmouth WA 6707
Ph:  08 9949 1323

Administered from Carnarvon Parish
Priest in Charge: Fr Tuyen Vu
0488 639 735

Mass Times
Sunday 21st of May 8.30am
Monday 22nd of May 8.30am
Tuesday 23rd of May 8.30am
Sunday 28th of May 8.30am
Monday 29th of May 8.30am
Tuesday 30th of May 8.30am
Sunday 4th of June 8.30am
Monday 5th of June 8.30am
Tuesday 6th of June 8.30am

Reconciliation Times
by request

Carnarvon, Exmouth shires and Upper Gascoyne