Over the past twelve years, a momentous project has been progressing here in Geraldton with the amalgamation of our two Catholic Colleges - Stella Maris College conducted by the Presentation Sisters and St. Patrick's College, served by the Christian Brothers.‚‚  Both Colleges had histories of strong traditions.

Stella Maris was the college founded by the Presentation Sisters who came to Geraldton well over one hundred years ago.‚‚  Its motto was "Pro Deo Et Patria" - For God and Country.

The Christian Brothers have been in Geraldton for over eighty‚‚  years.‚‚  They founded St. Patrick's College and its motto was "Certa Certamen Bonum" - Fight the Good Fight" (2 Tim. 4:7)

Both traditions have been combined in Nagle Catholic College.‚‚  I am very happy that boarding facilities are still available for over 100 students from near and distant towns, farms and pastoral stations.‚‚  The motto of the College is "For Others".

This motto is quite a simple but deep one.‚‚  It is most Christ like since Jesus was and is a Person for others.‚‚  The generous love and kindness of our God in Jesus is the inspiration and source of our being for others in whatever walk of life we are.

This motto came from the writings of Fr. Pedro Arrupe, SJ. In the latter part of the 20th century, he became the Superior General, or World Leader, of the Jesuits.‚‚  He was highly regarded by them and others who knew him.‚‚  Nagle College is in its twelfth year and in that time has witnessed a substantial growth with many new facilities constructed in that time.‚‚  At a blessing ceremony of these buildings, I quoted a passage from the writings of Pedro Arrupe.‚‚  It is about finding God and falling in love with God.‚‚  It is something very practical and profound.

Bp Justin Bianchini