(Sower Editorial)

At a recent PD for teachers in Catholic Education which I was privileged to attend being school chaplain, Jesuit priest Fr Richard Leonard said in unequivocal terms, €œWe€™re on about Jesus! He is our cornerstone.€ That statement set the tone of the whole exercise and quite surprisingly, it was well received by most, if not by all who attended, Catholic or otherwise. But how much of that inspiring talk is absorbed by the listener and flows into daily life is another story.

When the Bishops of Australia launched the Year of Grace on Pentecost Sunday, it was the same message they tried to communicate, €œWe€™re on about Jesus!€ Spirit-filled, we confidently embarked on the path of grace by starting afresh from Christ.

Many questions surfaced as I pondered on the call to start afresh from Christ.  This theme is as captivating as it is challenging; it appeals to both the head and the heart. What am I being asked to do right here, right now? What loving response can I offer that mirrors Christ to my neighbour?