The special Year of St Paul, a master stroke of Pope Benedict 16th, ended with the Feast of Saints Peter and Paul on June 30th.

Many around the Globe (scholars and learners) have invested much more time this year both proclaiming and getting to know Paul, his letters, the impact of his conversion, his passion for Christ, his capacity to love the Churches, his theology etc.

2009 Christmas Message  -  Find my Family
Not long ago on TV there was a programme called €˜Find My Family€™. It proved very popular and many people were touched by the tragic stories of separation and rejoiced with the individuals that discovered each other again. To be without any ancestry can and does have a prevailing effect on the lives of individuals who experience these situations. They hunger to know where they came from, who abandoned them and why.

2010 Easter Message - The Paschal Mystery in our lives.
I was privileged to spend two months of my sabbatical last year in the Holy Land. One month was in the walled city of Jerusalem itself at a centre called €œEcce Homo€ run by the Sisters of Zion.

Three of the very special places for me, and for us all as Christians, are Nazareth (the place of the Incarnation), Bethlehem (the Nativity) and Jerusalem (the place of the Death and Resurrection of Jesus).

Each of these sites has a special church. Even with a GPS I don'€™t think we could get much closer than these actual sites where the saving work of Jesus for us and our world took place.